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The struggle continues
  seweri, May 15 2007

O-kay, it's a real long time since I last wrote anything on my blog... Let's do a quick replay of last month:

Moved my roll out of PartyPoker for some bonus whoring. Decided to go for pokerroom bonus cause my roommate did it and said the players were extremely bad there -> couple of bad beats, awful monkey tilt and about two weeks later (couldn't play much in the huuuge tilt I was in, it was better to stay away from the tables) the bonus was done and I ended losing $300 WITH the bonus. Nice going by me. Not bad though considering I was at -$1100 at worst. Then I got my game back together and some hands held up <3

Oh well, after that I obv cashed out all I had on pokerroom and started thinking where to go next. I wanted to go on some big site with good software, I hated pokerroom software and I blame it partially for my tilt. After some thinking I thought Full Tilt might be a good site for me considering its name and my first two weeks of April... And it was. I love the software as good as stars imo except for one thing: the tables should notify you with more than a tiny beep when it's asking you to post blinds. I keep missing blind posts when I'm opening my tables if I'm even slightly disturbed with surfing or msn or whatever. I'm used to it now though and it never was a major problem anyway.

Some people were saying here on LPnet that FTP is a rock garden but I disagree. There are enough fishes and while some tables might have a lot of nits just keep looking for better tables... I started at FTP by running really hot, but I think my game has improved too (thanks Muhweli and Robbie!). Now I'm down to earth again... After having a +$500 session last week, I've lost all that and a little more in the two last session. Played a session today and ended up for a change, +$83, ship it! o/

Could've been a lot better again I guess, I made some stupid moves especially against short stacks. Really need to get rid of that habit but I have 0 respect for short stacks and that costs surprisingly lot sometimes.

Also lost JJ v KK on QJx flop, all-in right there -> turn A -> river T -> seweri õ.O

Oh well, I guess I had it coming after running so hot in the start. I'm still 6.62 PTBB / 100 after 8393 hands. I'd post graph but my poker patterns isn't co-operating with me right now...

My roll now is $5k+ and I'm semihappy with that but I really really want to get to $7k and give NL200 a try. I might start taking stabs at NL200 when I get to $6k during weekends when the games are softer. I also had to cashout $500 to get my plane tickets for the summer. I'm going on a two weeks trip with two friends in July. We'll go to Amsterdam (4 nights) from there to London (4 nights) and from there to Barcelona (5 nights)! o/

I'll probably need a new vacation after this one but whatever :D Looking forward to a lot of this

and this

and this

And quite a lot of this

Ok this was massive, I hope someone found it interesting enough to read. Maybe I'll post the next update in less than 1,5 month. Bye!

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Done with the prob bet
  seweri, Mar 26 2007


It's been a while (again) since I've done anything with this but now I feel like writing some as I'm done with my and Muhwelis prop bet for this month, which was to see who will get a better winrate at their own limit during the course of 20k hands (NL100 for me and NL200 for Muhweli), no handicaps. The bet was for a staggering amount of 50$ + massive bragging rights :D So finally today I reached 20k hands (I was at 17k+ hands a week ago), and now I'm happy cause the main reason I made this bet was to make sure I don't get all lazy and settle for 10k hands or something if I get a massive heater. I tend to play less hands when running good and more when running bad - have to win the losses back right. This is something I would like to change in my game so that I could avoid the types of catastophical days I had this month where I just didn't stop playing soon enough. Only a couple of those but had I stopped playing earlier during those, my results for these 20k hands could be even better.

Not that I'm complaining. This has been my best month in poker so far, which ain't saying a lot. Actually I'm not sure about that cause I luckboxed three 180p MTT wins on stars and I think all of those were during November, and I did good in cash games then also. Early December I peaked my roll at 4k$. You might wanna check out my stats at sharkscope btw, it's quite funny. I've never been much of a tournament/SnG player but as I said, I luckboxed those. So you see my stats with about 65 or something SnGs played, most of them are 1.2$ SnGs. Then about 7x11$ and 3x22$ 180ps from which I won 2 of the 11$ ones and one 22$. The graph and ROI are pretty nice :D Anybody wanna stake me? :D

Oh well, cash games at least have been best this month and that is my comfort zone and the game I like to play. I've cashed out 1k$ at the start of this month and I'll cash another thousand today. Not before I had the chance to take this screenshot though.

That's my all time high and boy am I happy I would be happy to keep it all on the internetz but I wanna have some money irl too. Got to ship some beer money So my roll might not grow all that fast but I'm in no hurry to move to NL200. Besides everyone says your roll grows faster than your skill so I'm just slowing my roll growth for my (already mad) skills to keep up. Besides I'm real happy with the results I'm getting at NL100 as this month I've made more than what my salary will be at my summer job.. Which brings me to quite a dilemma. Should I even go to that job? I wouldn't even think about it if it wasn't in a firm that is sure to offer a place to make my grad work (or whatever it is in english :/ ) when the time for that comes. Which won't be in a few years with my studying pace... Oh well, I'll have to negotiate something with my boss, like working for 15h/week or something so I can concentrate on poker and enjoying the summer more :D

Wooot ok I guess that's all I have on my heart that concerns poker and other stuff is none of your business :D
I'll probably try to get some more hands in during these last days of march and set the bar for next month reasonably high. The goal is of course to make it even better than this one <3

Here are the stats so far, gl Muhweli in getting the 20k hands done (that idiot[/really smart guy?] put school before poker last week and is now struggling to get 20k hands this month), I don't want to win by surrender ;D Bl in beating my winrate.

I'll get back to you at the end of the month with a post that (hopefully) is about how much better I am than Muhweli!

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Done with the prob bet
  seweri, Mar 26 2007

Edit: double post ftw

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